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EXTRON PowerTECT Battery Monitors

The power of accurate data

EXTRON PowerTECT battery cell monitors offer complete and reliable data records allowing you to identify a failing battery before posing deterioration issues to other cells. Our battery monitoring system is customizable and features an on-board user interface for viewing voltage, temperature, internal resistance and current levels.

PowerTECT battery monitors allow users to confidently and effectively manage an unlimited number of batteries and proactively target site maintenance.

All EXTRON PowerTECT battery monitor models are NERC Compliant and utilize PowerTECT Remote Monitoring for access to a secure cloud portal for viewing real-time information as well as historical data, fault notifications and power input information.

PowerTECT monitors:

  • Battery Voltage
  • Current
  • Voltage to Ground
  • Electrolyte level
  • Temperature
  • Resistance, both internal and strap

Data can be read / stored 4 ways:

  • Locally – plug monitor in on site
  • On internal company network
  • Scada System
  • Secure Cloud Portal


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