Drives Options and Accessories

Plug-in options

Part Number Model Description Use with
P18170200 181 Reversing/Dynamic brake, Anti-plug 181 Series
P18170205 181 Start/Stop/Dynamic brake
P18270210 182 Reversing/DB Dynamic brake, Anti-plug 182 Series
P18270215 182 Start/Stop/DB Dynamic brake
P18170400 0-500VDC input, 0-10VDC out, terminal, plug-in 181/182 Series
P18170401 0-500VDC input, 0-10VDC output, Q connect, plug-in
P18170410 0-500VDC input, 4-20mA out, terminal, plug-in
P18170411 0-500VDC input, 4-20mA out, Q connect, plug-in

Stand alone options

Part No.  Model Description Use with
P18380310 181/183 Reversing/DB 181/183 Series
P18380410 181/183 Start/Stop/DB 181/183 Series
P18170420 0-500VAC input, 0-10VDC out, terminal All Drives Requiring Isolation
P18170430 0-500VDC input, 4-20mA out, terminal
P18381100 Pulse/Tach D.C. Feedback with Isolation 181/182/183/184
P18380580 183 Side Mount Heatsink Kit 181/183
P18380585 Universal Base Heatsink Kit – 7″ 181/182/183 enclosed
P18170702 Universal Base Heatsink Kit – 9 1/2″ 181/182 w/options, compact regen.
P18170703 Universal Base Heatsink Kit – 12″ 181/182 w/options


Part No. Model Description Use with
4752-0409 Standard 5K 2 Watt 1 Turn All Drives
4752-0404 Heavy duty 5K 2 Watt 1 Turn
4752-0201 Standard 5K 2 Watt 10 Turn
2421-0402 Multi-turn Dial for Ten Turn Pots
P1020-1800 Speed Potentiometer Insulator
P1808-0400 Standard Knob & Dial Kit
P1808-0500 Standard Pot Kit
P9108-0102 Standard 5K Pot Kit, includes Knob & Dial
P9108-0100 Heavy-Duty 5K Pot Kit, includes Knob & Dial
P1818-0803 Capacitor Pump Kit (output filter) 181/183
P1838-0814 Capacitor Pump Kit (output filter) 182/184