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EXTRON AgTECT Grain Spreaders

Load grain bins smarter, maintain grain quality and improve worker safety with the industry’s only gravity-powered grain spreader featuring an external multi-directional adjustable leveling band. Improve airflow, reduce FM core spout line and the need to core your bin. Easy to install and operate with flow rates up to 45,000 bu/hr. Installation in new or existing bins.

To learn more about AgTECT Grain Spreaders call us on 217-786-8546

EXTRON AgTECT Grain Spreader Features:

  • Up to 45K bushels an hour
  • The only spreader with a multi-directional adjustment of the leveling band
  • Designed to meet the specs of your bin
  • Directional flow
  • Safely adjusts and sets the leveling band from outside the bin
  • Evenly distributes the fines
  • Energy savings due to improved air flow
  • Prevents crusting
  • Helps eliminate the need to core your bin
  • Evenly fills the bin
  • Decrease FM core spout line
  • Installation in new or existing bins
  • All of these benefits with zero entry


For more information or to order your AgTECT Grain Spreader call 217-786-8546 or contact us here.