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EXTRON ControlTECT Series 181 & 182 DC Drives

Flexibility Combined with Reliability

The Series 181 & 182 are full wave DC drives designed for light to middle duty industrial applications driving a shunt wound or permanent magnet DC motor. The 181 & 182 can operate on either 115 or 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz by a simple jumper selection.

The 181 & 182 also have a jumper selection for the output of 90 VDC when operating on 230 VAC input. The model 181 controls 1/50 up to 2 HP DC Motors and the model 182 controls 1/50 up to 3 HP DC Motors.

To select horsepower adjust the current limit setting and add the appropriate heat-sinking options for higher horsepower applications. Both units have four standard performance adjustments in a very compact package; maximum speed, minimum speed, current limit and I.R. compensation. These performance adjustments make the 181 & 182 adaptable to the most demanding applications.

They also come with acceleration and deceleration trimpots. If your application does not require accel and/or decel, simply set the trimpot at zero. Connections to the 181 & 182 supplied via terminal block connections or 1/4″ quick connections.

181 Block Diagram

181-T / 181-Q Customer Guide

Download 181-T/181-Q Customer Guide CAD Data (.dxf)

Download 181-T CAD Data (.stp)


  • 115/230 AC, jumper select
  • Disable input
  • 1/50-3HP
  • Adjustments for Min, Max speed, IR comp, Current limit, Accel/decel
  • Plug in options
  • Available with Quick connects or Terminal strip
  • 181 UL Listed

Custom OEM Solutions

If you have a possible application for a custom microprocessor based control, we can help you with a preliminary review as to feasibility and cost. Please call 217-786-8546 to discuss your project.