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Are You Planning on Updating the VFD System in Your Ground Pile(s)?

There’s no better time to consider implementing a VFD system on your ground pile equipment, thanks to Energy Providers often offering both Prescriptive and Custom Rebate Incentive programs. In addition to long-term energy savings, these incentives provide rebates for installing qualified new equipment. The projects must involve a facility improvement that reduces electrical consumption and/or peak demand.

In the Carolinas, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, incentives are capped at 80% of the incremental project cost, which is the difference between purchasing standard and high-efficiency equipment.

Application Process

Before beginning a new install, producers must receive approval. You can submit your VFD project using our online application portal.

Application Submission
You will receive an acknowledgment email that will provide an estimated response time based on an initial assessment of your application.


The appropriate worksheet or calculator must also be submitted with the required application. The worksheets are available on your energy providers website.

Not sure where to look? Please reach out to us directly and we’ll help locate what incentives are available in your area.

Application Evaluation
Your energy provider assesses the application and provides a technical evaluation. A preliminary incentive value is calculated and pre-approval is granted. (Allow two to six weeks for completion.)

Project Installation and Final Evaluation
The equipment is installed and your energy provider will perform a final technical review. Payment will be processed after the technical review.

Measurement and Verification
An independent third party may perform necessary means to measure and verify equipment (performed within a few months after equipment is operable and in use).

Project Requirements

Projects must involve a facility improvement that results in a reduction of electrical consumption and/or peak demand as compared to an appropriate baseline. The simple payback time must be greater than one year after applying the incentive.

This offer is available in North and South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

Our Prescriptive and Custom Incentive program takes the guesswork out of the application process. The program was designed to provide an upfront estimate of what your incentives could be, regardless of the type of energy-efficient equipment you’re planning to use. To calculate your cost savings visit our calculator page HERE.

For details on this energy-saving, cost-saving program, email your EXTRON sales representative HERE, or call us at 217-786-8546.