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Ground Piles

Reduce energy cost and monitor ground pile conditions remotely

The EXTRON AgTECT Ground Pile Management system is a cloud based solution that provides data trending, alarm notifications and system controls of your ground pile while providing reduced energy cost and minimizing shrink. For more information or to order call 217-786-8546 or contact us here.

The EXTRON AgTECT Ground Pile Management System Features:

  • Complete Fan Control that can provide up to 40% to 70% in energy savings
  • Real-time wireless grain temperatures, differential pressures, RPM, motor currents, wind speeds, power loss and much more
  • Live updates and alerts to your smart phone to notify you of a change in condition in and around your ground pile
  • Customized interface that provides online access from anywhere
  • Bearing protection kits to install on the motor are included
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Hardware included with your EXTRON AgTECT System:


EXTRON AgTECT Wireless vfd Control

  • Variable Frequency Drive Technology
  • Provides 40-70% savings on energy cost
  • Redundant wind speed verification
  • Reporting of motor RPM’s, exhaust temperature and vacuum pressure of your pile

EXTRON AgTECT Wireless Temperature Probes

  • Either 25’ or 30’ Temperature Cables
  • Reporting of real-time temperatures of your temperature cables

Optional Equipment Ad Ons:

EXTRON AgTECT Wireless CO2 / Humidity Control

When installed, detects and reports the CO2 emitted from your ground pile


When installed, notifies the facility if there is a power loss to the site and if the power generator has turned on.