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HazMon (Hazard Monitoring Systems)

EXTRON AgTECT HazMon System Features:

Smart Sensor Technology
Smart Sensor Technology – Open and short detection
  • UL Certified Intrinsically Safe
  • High density input cards for hazard monitoring
  • Extremely fast scan rates – thousands of points in seconds
  • Built in alarming – reducing PLC programming costs
    • High temp – warning and alarm
    • Rate of rise – warning and alarm
  • Simple PLC Integration
  • Open and Short thermocouple detection
    • Health scan – monitors the overall integrity of your system
    • The system begins reading at 2000 ohms allowing the system the detect a short in the thermocouple


  • Open Technology – utilize existing thermocouple infrastructure
  • Accepts any standard bus networks like EthernetIP, Modbus, etc.
  • The ability to read RTD inputs
  • No need to rip and replace an existing thermocouple system
  • Low installation cost per point
  • Each input card is isolated from one another


  • Heat trace
  • Bearing temperatures
  • Alignment temperatures

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