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EXTRON ControlTECT 183 Enclosed DC Drives

Built for Dependability

The Snap-Trol Series 183 Enclosed is a full wave DC drive designed for light to middle duty industrial applications where cost effectiveness without sacrificing quality or performance of the unit is the goal.

The 183 Enclosed has the same circuitry as the Series 183 with the added features of Nema 1 rating, on/off switch, speed potentiometer, line fusing, terminal strip connections, and reversing switch.

The 183 Enclosed controls 1/50 up to 1 1/2 HP DC Motors (with the appropriate heat-sinking). It’s dual input line voltage does not require any internal changes to the drive when line voltage is changed from 120 to 230 VAC. Drive is capable of running 90 VDC motors on a 230 VAC line. This eliminates the possibility of having the unit jumpered for one voltage and applying another, causing the drive to be destroyed.


  • Nema 1 Enclosed
  • Designed to meet UL
  • 115/230 AC auto select
  • Disable input
  • 1/50-1 1/2HP
  • Adjustments for Min, Max speed, IR comp, Current limit, Accel/decel
  • Terminal strip connections
  • Power on/off switch
  • Speed potentiometer mounted
  • Line fusing
  • Manual reversing option
  • Tach feedback 50 or 11VDC/1000RPM

Custom OEM Solutions

If you have a possible application for a custom microprocessor based control, we can help you with a preliminary review as to feasibility and cost. Please call 217-786-8546 to discuss your project.