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Bin Temperature Monitoring

Real time information for a real difference in grain quality

The EXTRON AgTECT bin temperature management system delivers accurate temperature and resistance values to proactively protect your grain quality while in storage. The AgTECT BusMux Pro HD provides live updates of actionable information, including grain temperatures, resistance, EMC, levels, power loss, CO2 levels and more. Eliminate the risk of sprouting, hot spots, infestations and spoilage with accurate tracking of storage conditions with the industry leading AgTECT grain management system for bin temperature monitoring.

Our products are engineered to retrofit into any existing analog system or for new installation. Our technicians have the capability to determine the source of fault on an existing analog system to provide significant cost savings with retrofit solutions.

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Extron AgTECT’s Bin Temperature Monitoring System Features:

  • Wireless storage condition updates and alerts
  • Accurate grain temperature readings
  • Historical trend charting
  • Automatic fan control
  • Choice of 5-7’TC or 3’TC spacing of temperature cables
  • Ability to scan 672 data points within 5 seconds
  • Provides access to real-time wireless grain temperatures, resistance, EMC, levels, power loss and much more
  • The wireless temperature cables provide real-time temperature readings, providing early spoilage detection and historical trending. Choose 5-7’ TC spacing or 3’ TC spacing for your temperature cables
  • Fan automation runs the fans automatically based off ambient and current grain conditions providing the ability to control and manage shrink loss while also reducing the risk of sprouting, hot spots and spoilage
  • The system can scan 672 points in less than 5 seconds
  • Ability to monitor real-time CO2 and exhaust temperature readings
  • Live updates and alerts anytime, anywhere directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer


For more information or to order the EXTRON AgTECT bin temperature monitoring system, call 217-786-8546 or contact us here.