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Annunciators First Out Indicators

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ControlTECT’s First Out Indicators are designed to be a cost effective means of adding diagnostics to a machine to detect faults in the operational and safety circuits of electrical equipment.

Our First Out Indicator monitors up to eight points in a series string of contacts, such as proxs, limit switches, photo eyes, contactors, push-buttons, relay contacts, etc. The First Out Indicator will latch and hold the first failed contact in a string and indicate that fault. If more than eight points need to be monitored, two or more units can be combined.

EXTRON ControlTECT First Out Annunciator Advantages Include:

  • All Inputs Isolated
  • Single Package Construction
  • Relay Output
  • No Adjustments Required
  • Operates Over Large Voltage Range
  • Lamp Test
  • Expandable to as many points as required
  • Compact
  • High Noise Immunity

Custom OEM Solutions

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