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AgTECT Rub Sensors

Rub Sensor

Don’t let your conveyor system stop you in your tracks. EXTRON AgTECT Rub Sensors inform you immediately if there is a problem, such as belt misalignment, so you can repair it before it becomes a much bigger issue. The system begins reading at 2000 ohms allowing for easy detection of an open or shorted thermocouple. Rub Sensors can be custom fit to ensure optimal performance with your system. For more information call 217-786-8546 or contact us here.

Rub Sensor Configuration:

  • Standard 10′ lead wire
    • Additional lengths available up to 100 ft
  • SST braid
  • Quarter 20 thread

Get the most from your grain

Call us today at 217-786-8546 or email us here to get more info about EXTRON AgTECT Hazard Monitoring Systems.