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Why I believe in the AgTECT Grain Spreader

Posted on: December 1, 2020   |   Category: Success Stories
Mark Condon Pioneer Procooperative Web

Mark Condon, Location Manager for Pro Cooperative in Pioneer, IA provides his insight on the AgTECT Grain Spreader.

“Grain spreaders spread the FM throughout the bin rather than just the core. I also appreciate the level filling. We use grain spreaders for soybeans and corn and like them equally for both commodities. When a grain spreader distributes FM, we don’t have to core it to get air moving through the grain mass in the fall.
“We started with a prototype Ag­TECT grain spreader, but as they’ve come along, the manufacturer has learned some things. They’ve made it easier to adjust. We used to have to reach in and adjust it manually with a wrench and hope you didn’t drop it. Now, we use an impact wrench with a socket. There are canisters with caps – just remove the caps on top of the bin so it’s much easier to adjust the level of filling in the bin, so you’re not too high or low on one side.
“The ability to control FM is the biggest highlight of the AgTECT grain spreader, and adjustment is easy. It’s kind of fun to watch.” – Mark Condon, Location Manager for Pro Cooperative Pioneer, IA

It’s our customers feedback that inspires growth and innovation. Thank you for being a valuable part of our team.  Learn more about the features and benefits of the AgTECT Grain Spreader here.