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New EXTRON Remote Management App Conveniently Monitors Grain Storage System

Posted on: September 7, 2023   |   Category: Company News

Just in time for the fall harvest, EXTRON AgTect has released a new mobile application that allows grain producers and grain storage facilities to more easily monitor and manage stored grain.

The ERM app, short for Extron Remote Management, monitors a wide range of grain storage data, including temperatures, CO2, fan activity, level probes, and more.

“The ERM mobile app provides the same experience as the ERM web application, conveniently on our customer’s mobile devices,” said Mark Schwab, EXTRON Senior VP. He said the application has been in development for some time. “Oftentimes, our customers aren’t sitting in front of a computer. We wanted to create a mobile application that allows them to check temperatures, humidity, CO2, and other metrics anytime, anywhere.”

The app requires EXTRON AgTect on-premise hardware and an account granting access to the application. The ERM app offers snapshots of current grain conditions, including:

  • Visualizations of current temperature, CO2, fans, and level probe status
  • Configuration of pages for pile and bin operation modes, fans, and probes
  • Front-page alerts for warnings and errors
  • Easy access to metrics for each bin and pile
  • Instant syncing with the customer’s Gateways and the ERM web application

EXTRON’s ERM is available on Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.

EXTRON AgTECT is a division of EXTRON Company, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. EXTRON Company provides versatile and cost-effective products for the agriculture industry and innovative solutions for the industrial system and equipment control markets.