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Remote Monitoring

Remote battery monitoring that puts you in charge

Save time and money with instant access to secure, real-time data and control of Lead Acid and NiCad battery systems from anywhere in the world. PowerTECT Remote Battery Monitoring gives you the power to track battery voltage, current, voltage to ground, electrolyte level, temperature and internal and strap resistance. The customizable dashboards also deliver reports featuring predictive analytics, historic data and advanced algorithms to estimate future battery life and provide comprehensive information to optimize performance. Call 763-544-4197 to get more from your batteries today and tomorrow with PowerTECT.

Remote Monitoring Desktop Web

PowerTECT Remote Battery Monitoring solution features:

  • Live data point charting for current, voltage, internal resistance and temperature
  • Current status of faults and fault count readings
  • Identification of bad or deteriorating cells
  • Data range display of historical data
  • Customizable charger configurations


Call us today at 763-544-4197 or email us here to get more from your batteries with reliable EXTRON PowerTECT technology.