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The AgTECT Grain Spreader is a Success

Posted on: March 3, 2021   |   Category: Success Stories
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Steve Ramseyer, Western Region Grain Manager for Deerfield Ag Services, Inc. shares the success he’s had after installing an EXTRON Grain Spreader.

“We installed a 24K EXTRON AgTECT Grain Spreader at our OH facility.  We just shipped a unit train of beans.  The bin without an AgTECT Spreader was 90% full and at its dirtiest was about 15% FM.  The bin with the AgTECT Spreader installed was 60% full and at its dirtiest was only 4% FM.  We never saw any excess of 1% FM the whole train.  After pulling 5,000 bushels out, it was super clean.  We had to pull 25,000 out of the other bin without a spreader in order to get it below 1% FM.”  

“Thank you for an excellent product.  We will be looking at more spreaders for our other bins.”

Our customer’s needs and feedback drive our product innovation.  Thank you for the continued support and rewarding feedback.  Learn more about the features and benefits of the AgTECT Grain Spreader here.