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How Mobile Technology & Automation Have Changed The Hazard Monitoring Game

Posted on: January 12, 2016   |   Category: Company News

Mark Spindler was recently quoted in an article featured in Grain Journal Magazine discussing the changing trends in hazard monitoring. The article discusses the most influential differences between hazard monitoring of the past and the hazard monitoring of the future.

The Most Notable Trends: Mobile technology and automation have changed the monitoring game for good.

  • Real-Time Infomation
  • Monitoring “Big Data”
  • Redundancy, Ease of Installation
  • Operating from a Smartphone
  • Wireless Monitoring, Remote Access
  • Data Logging
  • Legacy Equipment Updated
  • Mobile Access
  • Digital vs. Analog

The Most Notable Tips: From equipment selection to maintenance, grain monitoring requires management.

  • Equipment Selection and Application
  • Maintenance Program and Training
  • Implement a Maintenance Schedule
  • Be Sure to Test Equipment
  • Talk to an Expert Before Retrofitting
  • Monitor Hazardous Areas
  • Stay on Top of Maintenance
  • Detect Problems Before They Explode
  • Interlock Alarms and Audits

Read the entire article below:

Hazard Monitoring Trends – Mobile Technology and Automation Have Changed The Monitoring Game For Good